If creativity has taken offense to you, you need to give it a few goodies

You may have seen it, but when our team was tasked with getting inspired by the best products – we had to gather information bit by bit. Less water, more facts, let’s go.

Websites with websites

Let’s start with a selection of stylish websites

1. Curated.design

The best directory in our experience. All sites are hand-selected by professionals. The catalog is updated daily. You can offer a site yourself and after moderation it will appear in the catalog. A separate plus – all sites are qualitatively sorted by category.

2. Godly.website

The same catalog with sites, also all sorted, but the library is smaller, and the service appeared earlier than the previous one. Filled less often curated. However, you can find sites that are not on other services. Mostly one-page.

3. One Page Love

Popular site. Only lendings, the design is not the latest, but you can find something interesting.

We didn’t write about pinterest, dribble, behance because everyone knows that and yet a visually appealing design in a picture != a working product with cool design.

Bonus – fonts

Catalogs, “font dealers”. Sometimes you want to use a cool, modern headset in your product, and you are sick of the “default” ones. We all know their names. Let’s go and look for a style.

sharp type. Font factory, they do cool, we like it 😇
Today. It seems to be our product. It’s a cool idea with tomorrow – it’s the second showcase with “quick bright fonts, fonts-experiments, fonts-ideas”.

That’s all, goodbye. If you have places where you can still peep the style – kindly ask in the comments.