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How We Elevated Petter Music Bar to New Heights of Popularity


In early spring 2023, representatives of the new Petter music bar, which opened in August 2022 in the center of Moscow, approached us. The bar positioned itself as a place where “music, wine and great company meet,” hosting concerts, stand-ups and other live events daily. However, despite an interesting concept, the establishment faced the problem of low attendance and weak online promotion.

Interior of Petter Bar

Preparing a Comprehensive Proposal

Our team quickly responded, analyzed the situation, and, together with the Koko Agency, prepared a detailed commercial proposal. In it, phlora proposed:

  • Developing a website from scratch, with a modern design and detailed event functionality
  • Focusing on SEO optimization of texts, metadata, and technical aspects
  • Setting up and managing contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct

The proposal was approved by the client without revisions, and we immediately began work.

Project Implementation

The main challenge was the limited budget and a strict deadline of just two weeks before the planned major spring events at the bar. However, thanks to the well-tuned processes in our team, we were able to complete the entire set of tasks on time.

In just a few days, we developed a new, modern and attractive website design in the style of the bar. We created a separate section for publishing announcements of upcoming concerts and events, with the ability to purchase tickets online.

We also added new informational pages about the bar, the team, the services, a full-fledged mobile menu, and other usability improvements. We conducted comprehensive SEO optimization of texts, metadata, and images.

In addition, we completely redesigned the website structure from an SEO perspective, ensuring convenient navigation and content distribution in clusters.

Parallel to this, we worked on eliminating technical errors and performance issues with individual pages, which were identified during the initial audit.

Launch and First Results

The launch of the updated website took place at night to minimize the impact on current traffic. There were some brief issues related to DNS caching, but they were minimized. The following week, we launched advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct to promote the bar’s upcoming events and promotions.

The results did not keep us waiting. The difference in website traffic became immediately visible, and by the end of the year, we achieved a +199.96% increase in visitors, not including advertising.
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